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CueClip the cue sheet map holder clip
CueClips & CycleWallets...
Great for bicycle touring and club rides.


cueclip map | cue sheet holder
cycle wallet the ultimate bicycle wallet CueClip
Black, Yellow, Blue or Red
with black strap

carry only the essentials
spring frame design
holds coins & $$ securely
cueclip map holder
Handle bar attachment
cueclip cue sheet holder
Bar stem attachment
printed cueclip straps
Print your club/ride name
on the strap!

The CueClip
Map / Cue Sheet Holder ~ Alleycat Manifest Holder

The CueClip's super strong clip will hold your directions no matter how fast you're riding. Use the clip on either your bar stem or handle bar by simply rotating the clip.The small teardrop aero shape and low profile means you can leave it on your bike when not in use. Don't worry if the CupClip gets wet, the rivet is solid brass with a protective black coating and the clip is plastic! It will never rust.

Available in Black, Yellow, Blue & Red with Black strap.

CycleWallet - super slim for your jersey pocket
Don't carry a bulky wallet when you ride. The CycleWallet gives you the ability to carry only the essentials. It's a squeeze framed wallet to carry: Coins, Cash, Drivers License, Health Card & Credit Card. So slim you might forget which pocket it's in.

Please give us a call at 800-800-1941 for special quantity discount pricing.
CueClip: Call for custom silkscreen printing with your name or logo.
CycleWallet: Call for custom hot stamp embossing with your name or logo.